Feb 17, 2011

Grammy 2011 red carpet

I know I'm a little late... but here are the (arghhh) looks of the Grammys. Seriously... do these people really leave the house thinking "I rock" with this outfit??? Help!!! Besides that we can see the metallic gowns and the "mermaid" were a big hit this day. Check it out!

Grammys 2011

Sé que estoy un pelín retrasada, pero... Aquí están los looks (arghhh) de la alfombra roja de los Grammys. En serio... las personas salen de casa pensando "Cómo molo" con estas ropas???Socorro!!! Aparte de eso podemos ver que los vestidos en metálico y sirena fueran una gran tendencia de la noche.

Grammys 2011

Gente, sei que estou um pouquinho atrasada, mas... aqui estão os looks do tapete vermelho dos Grammys. Sério... essa galera sai de casa pensando"Tô arrasando" com esses looks??? Socorro!!! Além disso, podemos ver que os vestidos metálicos e a "cauda sereia" foram uma grande tendência da noite.


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  2. Hi,

    I agree with your comments on the outfits worn there. Can someone please help them? LOL

    So I am just staying in touch, and I also have a little icon for you... Click here to get your award, and tag... :)

  3. @ Luzhilda: es verdad! Everything sucks!!!
    @Ingrid: Tks for the visit!
    @Jesse: I wish they'd let me! hahahaha


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